Commercial Accounts

In schools all of our products place direct emphasis on only the healthiest ingredients, many of which are organic and natural. In our commercial accounts and universities we offer mixed vending, using organic and natural ingredient based snacks as well as traditional vending items.

We made the choice to offer mixed vending for several reasons. One of the most important is that we realize that most commercial accounts do not only want organic and natural ingredient based snacks. As being an adult entitles one to more selection in what they would like. Therefore by using mixed vending machines we provide our organic and natural ingredient based products for people who want them and have a chance at converting some people who may be unaware of how good they are. While providing them with a choice of their favourite commercial snacks.

Besides our organic and natural ingredient based lines we carry all national brand regular vending items like Doritos, Snickers and beverages like Coke and Pepsi.

Corporate Wellness

Many vending companies focus on unhealthy snacks for your vending needs providing only a few "healthy" alternatives. Many of these healthy items typically are low fat but still loaded with chemicals like artificial colour, flavour, and preservatives.

We will work directly with wellness committees and human resources to make sure we are on track with your corporate wellness policies. We will customize our machines to make sure all products meet your requirements.

At Organic Vending we offer all the products available in other machines but focus and place emphasis on Organic and Natural.