Custom Branding

Organic Vending offers custom skins for our schools featuring the schools colours and mascot. We believe our machines need to be appealing and adding this extra touch not only highlights the schools commitment to offering healthy snacks to it's students but creates an attractive addition to any school building.


Organic Vending understands that schools rely on vending to produce revenue. We customize our commission program to produce great revenue for schools while keeping prices as low as possible for the students. Let us work up a program for you today.

Success in New York!

Since it's inception in 2005 Organic Vending has revolutionized snacking in New York state, providing healthy snacking to many schools and school districts. One of their first school districts had in fact banned snacking because of the amount of unacceptable items in the machines. Organic Vending's natural alternatives were an instant success.
Organic Vending is currently in over 30 school districts in New York state and adding new districts weekly. Having some machines serviced daily to keep up with demand.

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